Get Together

There are a lot of great sociable ways you can fundraise for YOUCAN.

If you enjoy an evening out and love to socialise then here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Live Music

  • If you’re part of a band then hold a gig at a local pub and charge a small entry fee… you might pick up a few extra fans at the same time!
  • Get a few local bands together to take part in a Battle of the Bands Competition.
  • Festival in a Day at the office – from wearing your favourite band t-shirt to putting up a mini stage in the car park and having a local band play, there’s a hundred ways to create that festival feel.
  • Simply get people to pay for the privilege of wearing their favourite band t-shirt for the day.


  • If you love singing and you love Christmas then why not combine the two and organise a carol concert at a local venue, a carolathon or go carol singing around your neighbourhood.
  • Host a karaoke night in your local pub.
  • Whether it’s the Sound of Music, Frozen or Mamma Mia, everyone loves to sing along so why not hold a private screening of a sing along classic and enjoy the tunes.


  • Themed Disco evening …choose a decade and invite your friends to dress up in the fashion of the time and enjoy tunes from the past.
  • Partner off your work colleagues and get them to learn a ballroom or latin classic dance and hold a Strictly Come Dancing evening.
  • Fire up the games station in the office and hold a JustDance danceathon and see how long you can keep the moves going.

Pub Games

  • Enjoy friendly competition and organise a tournament at your local playing darts, pool or snooker.
  • A quiz night never fails – combine with a special menu from the pub chef and a pint of the local brew included in the ticket and everyone should feel like a winner.


  • Upcycle old clothes to sell to friends and family.
  • Organise a Wardrobe Revival evening – get your friends to donate items they no longer wear and then invite everyone round to reinvigorate their wardrobes.
  • Swap Shop – ask your friends to bring 5 items of clothing they no longer want to your home or chosen venue, issue them 5 tokens to then choose and swap with other items on offer. Charge an entry fee to attend.

Boot Fair

  • Run a Stall at an established boot fair in aid of YOUCAN.
  • Hold a boot fair in a large car park, school playground or field and charge each car to take part.