Get Creative

If you enjoy getting creative, whether that’s with paint and crafts or through music and performing then you can have a lot of fun while raising money. Here’s a few ideas but if you’re really creative you’ll imagine your own…

Art & Crafts

  • Make your own candles, bunting or jewellery (the list is endless) and sign up for a stall at your local craft fair.
  • Upcycle unwanted furniture and clothes to sell.
  • Skilled at making jewellery? A whizz on the sewing machine? Why not hold a workshop and pass on your passion.


  • Be inspired by Mary Berry and get baking then hold a cake sale at your school or office.
  • Challenge your friends to a Great British Bake Off inspired competition, charge people to take part and then sell those amazing cakes to other friends.
  • If you enjoy entertaining, host a Come Dine With Me style dinner party and invite your guests to donate what they think your meal is worth.
  • Host a Mad Hatters Tea Party in your garden.


  • If you’re proud of your begonias and want to show off your ferns then why not open your garden to visitors.
  • A themed garden party.
  • Saplings and seeds to spare in your greenhouse, then why not hold a plant sale.
  • Sell sunflower seeds and award a prize for the whoever grows the tallest one.


  • Create your own calendar to sell; perhaps you’ll have a WI type hit on your hands!
  • Guess the Baby Photo competition in the office – who can pick out the boss?
  • Unusual place competition – pick an easy to come by object such as a banner or poster and get people to take pictures of it wherever they can… top of the Eiffel tower for example!