Get Active

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, sporting enthusiast or you’re looking for an incentive to get fit, there are so many opportunities to turn your enthusiasm and energy into a fundraising activity.

A skydive for an adrenaline junkie, the once in a lifetime challenge of running your first marathon or leaving your comfort zone to take on an overseas trek somewhere you’ve only so far dreamed of visiting – there’s so much choice!

Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim

  • Take part in a local event with a group of friends, or go it alone.
  • Sign up to an open challenge event – to climb a mountain, trek across a desert or cycle across a country.
  • Challenge yourself to take on your first 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.
  • Get a group of friends or colleagues together and we’ll organise a bespoke challenge just for you …how about The UK Three Peaks challenge?


  • Organise a match between your local team and a team made up of ex-players.
  • A Penalty Shoot-out competition or Beat the Keeper as part of a football fun day.
  • Challenge your colleagues in the office to a ‘keepie uppie’ competition.


  • A charity golf day at your local golf club. How about signing up to our Golf Day!
  • For a change, a Foot Golf day (swap clubs for legs and golf balls for footballs).
  • Get your Golf club to choose YOUCAN as Charity of the year.


  • Take part in a Triathalon at your gym with a group of friends, each take on a distance each by cycling, swimming & running.
  • Hold a Zumbathon or Step Arobics-a-thon and charge people to join in.