Simon's Story

A bit about us:

Me and Simon have been together almost 2 years. Simon was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in December 2017, days after we'd also found out I was pregnant. He started chemotherapy in January and has since been through 6 sessions of R-CHOP chemotherapy, 3 high dose chemotherapy sessions (in which he has to stay in hospital for 5 days each session), and 2 intrathecal chemotherapy sessions (where the chemotherapy is directly injected into his spinal fluid).

He finished his chemotherapy on the 7th June and throughout July he will undergo 15 sessions of radiotherapy to try and ensure the cancer will not return.

We are hoping he will receive the all clear from his PET scan just in time for our baby's due date at the end of August!

We've had a tough year, and we are really excited to spend some quality time chilling out together at the house!


We arrived at the house in the early afternoon straight from Simon's pre assessment for radiotherapy in Maidstone. When we arrived our reflexologist was ready and waiting for us. It's been an absolute blessing having reflexology- it's so relaxing and really helps us both with all the stress going on. When I had finished and Simon went upstairs for his reflexology, our friends Sam and Karl arrived. They had come to stay from Maidstone. Karl and Simon have been best friends since they were 12 and me and Sam have also grown close, with us both having baby boys 6 weeks apart too!

Whilst Simon was getting his treatment, me, Sam and Karl decorated the living room with banners and party poppers as well as cake, to celebrate Simon finally finishing chemotherapy. We waited until he came down before we showered him in party poppers and celebrated.

Our friend Rob also arrived after he finished work later in the evening and we grabbed a KFC bargain bucket. Throughout the evening the 5 of us chilled, played Xbox, took photos of our bumps and had some drinks and cakes. It was really nice to spend time with friends and relax in a house with ample room to game and spread out!


After the boys went to bed at 2am post gaming, we all needed a decent sleep! Rob left early leaving the four of us. After some breakfast and a chilled out morning, we headed to Broadstairs and checked out the Dickens festival.

We enjoyed some chips, an ice cream and some time at the arcade before heading back to the house (2 heavily pregnant women and Simon having just finished chemotherapy means we all get very tired very quickly!!) and chilling a little more. Sam and Karl left early evening and Simon decided we should play monopoly. It was my first time ever playing monopoly- and Simon well and truly beat me!!

My dad popped round with a couple of paellas for our dinner, which we ate whilst finishing up monopoly, and at 8.30pm we headed to the Carlton just down the road in the nice summer evening atmosphere, and went to see the newest horror movie, Hereditary, where we also enjoyed some lovely snacks! Safe to say I'm not sleeping now for the remainder of our stay- that film certainly isn't for the faint of hearts!!!


Today was Father's Day, and we headed to my step mums for dinner with the family and most importantly my dad.

After a nice lie in followed by dinner with our family, we returned to the house with some scones and invited my mum over for a cup of tea.

With the World Cup on, Simon wanted to watch some football so we put this on in the background whilst playing more monopoly, eating scones and chilling out for the evening and spending some quality time together as a couple, off the grid, something we haven't done for a really long time!

After a relaxed morning eating (more) scones and breakfast, I had to go to work at 1.30- which gave Simon an entire day of watching football without me whinging all the time! Once I got home we each had a relaxing bath, and an early night where we both slept in until 10am on Tuesday morning.. I honestly can't remember the last time either of us slept past 8am so this was an absolute godsend!! On Tuesday morning after packing up and writing in the guest book it was time for us to head back to our flat. We cannot thank YouCan and Luke's Legacy enough for giving us the chance to get away from our hectic lives for a few days and relax in a peaceful and calm house with no disturbances from neighbours in the early or late hours, no struggling to find a parking space on the street, and a dishwasher!! It's given us such a break and we will be forever grateful for this weekend break.

Simon & Max

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