Laura’s Story

Laura's Story

I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer when I was 32. It was a shocking and incredibly overwhelming diagnosis. I was totally surprised when the doctor said ‘It’s cancer.’

Diagnosis made me think that my life was over. YouCan helped me change my thinking on this and reminded me that I’m not alone.

YouCan have supported me in various different ways. One of the most invaluable experiences was the Wellbeing Weekend that I attended with my mum. It was amazing because me and my mum had had some real low points – I thought I didn't want to go through treatment anymore and she found that quite difficult to deal with. We really needed some quality time together. All the treatments, like the massage and yoga, helped me feel more relaxed and able to continue with treatment and look to the future.

I attend the Freddie’s Friend support group run by YouCan and the medical professionals from Maidstone Hospital. The group meet ups have provided me with support, advice and friendship at a really difficult time in my life.

YouCan have also supported me by offering me complimentary therapies, like reiki. When I got through the physical treatment it was the emotional side that I needed help with. The reiki really helped calm my mind after treatment.

The support YouCan has given me has been amazing. I felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel. You feel like you are still achieving things when going through treatment, which is something not a lot of people realise is important. I felt I was a lot less isolated and I’ve made new friends from the YouCan groups.

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