Nando's New Year Big Clean

On 8th January 2019 an amazing group of people who work at Nando's restaurants across central London gave up their time to come and spruce up YouCan's Hinton House. They did a wonderful deep clean, painted the kitchen, cleaned out the hallway and bedrooms, made all the beds up and had great fun with our new steamer! They also did all the garden maintenance and weeding. We can't thank Nando's enough for their continued generous support. Here is why Mark and his team get involved:

"Nando’s Central London has been supporting ‘You Can’ for the past couple of years in various ways.

Everyone unfortunately will know someone or knows someone who knows someone who has been effected by Cancer. The choice of Nando’s supporting ‘You Can’ was based on helping a small charity directly and indirectly with time, funding and resources where appropriate.

As the MD of Central London running 11 restaurants the opportunity to create a different environment for my team to work in and to give back to others was too good to miss.

The last two years have been great and extremely rewarding. We have hosted the ‘You Can’ Launch Party in Kings Cross, a support group event in Old Street, raise funds through donation boxes and taken part in the ‘You Can’ Viking Coastal Path bike ride. Probably the most rewarding has been taking a team to the ‘You Can’ house on 3 occasions to do gardening, cleaning and most recently a ‘Big Clean’ and decorating.

Creating opportunities outside of the normal working environment has been amazing; a mixed team of Managers and Nandocas all working alongside each other was great to see and be part of. The pride that everyone took in doing a great job and leaving the house looking amazing was great to see.

Reading the visitors book and understanding how valued families find the special time at the house has had a permanent impact with my team who can now understand how their support is benefiting others going through a very challenging time. Since returning from Kent this time I have had requests from my team to understand more and get involved more through events, donations or giving their time.

2019 we will again be supporting where we can.

I would recommend others getting involved, there are many different ways but any support I know will be appreciated by the dedicated and passionate ‘You Can’ team."

Mark Betts, MD Nando’s