Wellbeing Weekend 2018

On the 8th and 9th September we held our YouCan Wellbeing Weekend 2018. This year we stayed at Bore Place, Edenbridge. We had thirteen attendees who have all have a cancer diagnosis, some in their childhood, some in remission and some living with.

The weekend programme was full with yoga, reiki, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques along side lovely nutritious home made food. We all made home made pizzas and muffins using fresh ingredients from the lovely Bore Place gardens.

Everyone here at #teamyoucan really enjoyed the weekend. Here is what the young people who attended had to say about the weekend:

“I am feeling excited about:

Being active and away from computer and phones.

Enjoying the countryside and beautiful surroundings.

Meeting new people and having fun”

“I feel relaxed and stress free. I enjoyed all the activities, but meeting people who understand what each other have been through and listening has been really lovely.”

“Enjoyed sharing experiences, making new friends, relaxation, escaping to the country!”

“I feel really relaxed and calm and confident to face treatment in the future. I also feel really happy that I made new friends. I really enjoyed the reiki and the mindfulness. And the yummy food!”

“(I enjoyed) Everything from start to finish but most of all meeting my goal of speaking with people my age with the same experiences.”

“I feel replenished mentally and physically.”

“Absolutely I would recommend this weekend! Anyone going through or who has gone through treatment or surgery it’s perfect!”

“I would DEFINITELY recommend this well-being weekend! It is a relaxing and supporting environment and a much needed rest. It’s amazing meeting the people you meet here.”

“100% recommend! It’s been a perfect weekend of much-needed relaxation, and a chance to escape from daily life, make new friends and share experiences.”

We are so glad that everyone enjoyed the weekend and took so much away from it.

To read more about the Wellbeing Weekend from an attendee perspective check out Alice’s Story here: https://www.youcan.org.uk/stories/alices-story