Snodland Carnival - Charity of the Day

Saturday 7th July was Snodland Carnival. YouCan was proud to have been chosen as charity of the day.

We had an amazing group of volunteers who turned out to walk in the parade with us. Massive thank you to all of you, we couldn’t have done it without your enthusiasm and support.

Extra shout out to Kirsty and Laura, who stayed with Sue all day and made the stall a huge success.

The total amount raised needs to be confirmed and I will update this page as soon as it has been!

Lots of awareness about the charity was raised, it was a lovely, fun, successful day. Thanks for coming out Snodland and showing your support.


Last week Sue met with Snodland Town Council members and was presented with a cheque for the money collected during the bucket collection in the parade. The total amount raised for YouCan on the day, including money from the stall, is an amazing £538.17! A massive thank you to Snodland Town Council for having YouCan as charity of the day and massive thank you to the Snodland community for coming out and showing your support.