Sunday 28 October 2018, 02:00 pm


Betteshanger Country Park, Deal

During the refurbishment work at Betteshanger Country Park in late 2017 something went terribly wrong. An as yet unidentified gas covered the area and was thought to have caused the death of the entire workforce, although reports have suggested some workers were not as dead as first thought. Indeed there have been unconfirmed sightings of workers that although looking terrible and acting erratically may have survived. A group of volunteers went into the park on a rescue mission last week, but have not returned. It is your job now to head into the work-site and report back your findings. Good luck and remember, keep your wits about you!

You will have three life tags attached to you as you travel through the park - can you keep them away from the Zombies? Please note; The Zombies will not attack you or chase you, there will be no physical contact - they are just after your tags! The run will be on and off road and there may be some obstacles.

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Sue Walker

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