YouCan Fundraise For Us

YouCan do lots of things to support the charity and make a difference… have fun fundraising!

When it comes to fundraising, your imagination is the key! There are so many ways to help us raise money to support young people, and here’s how YouCan do it!


YouCan Get Active

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, sporting enthusiast or you’re looking for an incentive to get fit, there are so many opportunities to turn your enthusiasm and energy into a fundraising activity.

A skydive for an adrenaline junkie, the once in a lifetime challenge of running your first marathon or leaving your comfort zone to take on an overseas trek somewhere you’ve only so far dreamed of visiting – there’s so much choice!

Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim:

  • Take part in a local event with a group of friends, or go it alone.
  • Sign up to an open challenge event – to climb a mountain, trek across a desert or cycle across a country.
  • Challenge yourself to take on your first 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.
  • Get a group of friends or colleagues together and we’ll organise a bespoke challenge just for you …how about The UK Three Peaks challenge?


  • Organise a match between your local team and a team made up of ex-players.
  • A Penalty Shoot-out competition or Beat the Keeper as part of a football fun day.
  • Challenge your colleagues in the office to a ‘keepie uppie’ competition.


  • A charity golf day at your local golf club. How about signing up to our Golf Day!
  • For a change, a Foot Golf day (swap clubs for legs and golf balls for footballs).
  • Get your Golf club to choose YouCan as Charity of the year.


  • Take part in a Triathalon at your gym with a group of friends, each take on a distance each by cycling, swimming & running.
  • Hold a Zumbathon or Step Arobics-a-thon and charge people to join in.

YouCan Get Creative

If you enjoy getting creative, whether that’s with paint and crafts or through music and performing then you can have a lot of fun while raising money. Here’s a few ideas but if you’re really creative you’ll imagine your own…

Art & Crafts:

  • Make your own candles, bunting or jewellery (the list is endless) and sign up for a stall at your local craft fair.
  • Upcycle unwanted furniture and clothes to sell.
  • Skilled at making jewellery? A whizz on the sewing machine? Why not hold a workshop and pass on your passion.


  • Be inspired by Mary Berry and get baking then hold a cake sale at your school or office.
  • Challenge your friends to a Great British Bake Off inspired competition, charge people to take part and then sell those amazing cakes to other friends.
  • If you enjoy entertaining, host a Come Dine With Me style dinner party and invite your guests to donate what they think your meal is worth.
  • Host a Mad Hatters Tea Party in your garden.


  • If you’re proud of your begonias and want to show off your ferns then why not open your garden to visitors.
  • A themed garden party.
  • Saplings and seeds to spare in your greenhouse, then why not hold a plant sale.
  • Sell sunflower seeds and award a prize for the whoever grows the tallest one.


  • Create your own calendar to sell; perhaps you’ll have a WI type hit on your hands!
  • Guess the Baby Photo competition in the office – who can pick out the boss?
  • Unusual place competition – pick an easy to come by object such as a banner or poster and get people to take pictures of it wherever they can… top of the Eiffel tower for example!

YouCan Get Together

There are a lot of great sociable ways you can fundraise for YouCan.

If you enjoy an evening out and love to socialise then here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Live Music:

  • If you’re part of a band then hold a gig at a local pub and charge a small entry fee… you might pick up a few extra fans at the same time!
  • Get a few local bands together to take part in a Battle of the Bands Competition.
  • Festival in a Day at the office – from wearing your favourite band t-shirt to putting up a mini stage in the car park and having a local band play, there’s a hundred ways to create that festival feel.
  • Simply get people to pay for the privilege of wearing their favourite band t-shirt for the day.


  • If you love singing and you love Christmas then why not combine the two and organise a carol concert at a local venue, a carolathon or go carol singing around your neighbourhood.
  • Host a karaoke night in your local pub.
  • Whether it’s the Sound of Music, Frozen or Mamma Mia, everyone loves to sing along so why not hold a private screening of a sing along classic and enjoy the tunes.


  • Themed Disco evening …choose a decade and invite your friends to dress up in the fashion of the time and enjoy tunes from the past.
  • Partner off your work colleagues and get them to learn a ballroom or latin classic dance and hold a Strictly Come Dancing evening.
  • Fire up the games station in the office and hold a JustDance danceathon and see how long you can keep the moves going.

Pub Games:

  • Enjoy friendly competition and organise a tournament at your local playing darts, pool or snooker.
  • A quiz night never fails – combine with a special menu from the pub chef and a pint of the local brew included in the ticket and everyone should feel like a winner.


  • Upcycle old clothes to sell to friends and family.
  • Organise a Wardrobe Revival evening – get your friends to donate items they no longer wear and then invite everyone round to reinvigorate their wardrobes.
  • Swap Shop – ask your friends to bring 5 items of clothing they no longer want to your home or chosen venue, issue them 5 tokens to then choose and swap with other items on offer. Charge an entry fee to attend.

Boot Fair:

  • Run a Stall at an established boot fair in aid of YouCan.
  • Hold a boot fair in a large car park, school playground or field and charge each car to take part.